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The compiler of this digital comparison of the four gospel records has relied heavily on the distinguished work entitled:

'A Harmony of the Four Gospels in the words of the Authorised version
following the
Harmony of the Gospels in Greek
Edward Robinson, D.D., LL.D.,'

Edited and Published by The Religious Tract Society, London.

Fred Miller's digitised 'Revised King James Version' text replaces the Authorised Version text.


In many instances text which helps to decide chronology  is in bold characters. The 'Received Text' Greek word is given where it is considered significant and for that reason the English word is sometimes changed. There is some re-arrangement of passages where the compiler felt it was justified.


The inspired writers of the original documents had their different reasons for putting on record the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Comparing the records it was evidently it was not to provide a precise chronological record of events. What they do is bring together selective incidents and teaching given by the Lord Jesus which would benefit the readership they had in mind. It is generally appreciated that Matthew wrote for the Hebrew, Mark for the Roman and Luke for the Greek mind. Whereas the Apostle John, no doubt aware of the historical accounts already in circulation enlarged on the deeper spiritual purpose of the Lord's ministry. For this reason alone each account should be read separately to appreciate the particular flow of thought of each record.

On the other hand when wanting to appreciate better some of the Lord's teaching or the significance of a particular incident, it helps to be able to compare parallel accounts of the same teaching . For this reason, though careful thought has gone into the arranging of events, chronology has been a secondary consideration in compiling this parallel version of the four gospel accounts. It is certainly not the last word in chronology and does not claim to be better than others.

The compiler prays that having the gospels in parallel and in digital format will facilitate the reader's research, lead to better understanding and deeper faith. It is his intention, if Lord will, to continue to revise and improve this work to increase its usefulness.

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