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Understanding The Bible

Unit 00

Unit 01

Unit 02

Unit 03

Unit 04

Unit 05

Unit 06, Unit 06 Chart

Unit 07, Unit 07 Chart

Unit 08, Unit 08 Chart

Unit 09

Unit 10

Simply Christians

Jama'at Al Masih.

The First Century Church.
[A5 sheet (5.9 x 8.27 inches) folded once]

What is Christianity ?

Twenty Questions on Churches of Christ


The Documents.

Young Earth.

Fortuitous Chance

What is Missing ?

Authentic Christianity

Study 00

Studies 01 & 02

Studies 03 & 04

Study 05

Study 06

Study 07a

Study 07b

Study 08

Study 09

Study 10


God Is - So What?

Death a Fearfull Leap Into The Uknown

Is There Purpose in Life ?

The Eligible Virgin

He Believed Jesus Christ. [A4 sheet (8.27 x 11.9 inches) folded once]


Bitter Boddies.

Made Himself of No Reputation.

For This Cause.

Jama_at Al Masih

The Great Sacrifice

God Has No Wife.

God So Loves You

The Bible Is Changed
- Really ? -

Rule Number One

Muhammad in the Bible - The Lord Jesus in The Qur'an

They Say They Slew The Messiah.

Al Kalimat Allah

The  Right Way

The Hidden - The Revealed.

In Depth.

Jude's Epistle - Notes.

" Ye Are Gods."
John 10:34-36, Psalm 82:6.

The Deity of Christ.
19 A4 size pages

The Personality of The Holy Spirit.
12 A4 size pages.

The Right Path

Yashua the Craftsman.

No Corpse.

Guilty or Not Guilty.

Is This A Church?

Rocky The Fisherman.


The Passion of the Christ.


Augustines Biggest Blunder.

Jesus & the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Acts 13_48 Ordained or Disposed.

Hebrew Scriptures

The Mount of Olives Split.

End Times

Sensational Dispensationalism.

Enigmas [e]

The Seed of the Woman.

The Odd Phenomenon of Sacrifices.