PARAMAATMA "The Supreme Spirit" from the Rig-Veda.

Nothing then existed, neither being (sat), nor non-being (asat): world, no air, no firmament Where was, then the covering of the Universe? Where the receptacle of the water? Where the impenetrable depths of air? Death was not, nor immortality, nor anything that marked the boundaries of day or night. But THAT breathed in solitude, without afflation, absorbed in His own thought. beside THAT nought existed. . . . But who can know such things exactly? or who can declare them? These beings, whence come they? This creation, whence did it originate? The dÆvas were themselves created or produced.But THAT-who knows His nature and His origin? Who can tell how all this varied world has issued into being? Can it, or can it not support itself? He who from the heights of heaven is gazing on the universe, He alone can tell whether it exists, or only seems to exist.

One Sovereign Ruler pervades this world of worlds. Nurture thyself with this one thought, abandoning all others, and covet not the joys of any creature. He who in this life performs his religious duties may desire to live a hundred years; but even to the end thou shouldst have no other occupation. It is to regions, left a prey for evil spirits and covered with eternal darkness, that those men go .after death, who have corrupted their own soul. This One single Spirit, which nothing can disturb, is swifter than the thought of man. This primal mover, the dÆvas, even cannot Overtake. Unmoved itself, it infinitely transcends all others, however rapid be their course. It moves the universe at its pleasure: it is distant from us, yet very near to a11 things: it pervades this entire universe, and yet is infinitely beyond it.

John Urquart: The New Bible Guide. Vol.2 pp 56-57. quoted from Hardwick: Christ and other Masters, Part II.,pp.93-96.

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